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The Leoni Township Water System Consumer Confidence Report is available at the Leoni Township Hall 913 Fifth St. Michigan Center Mi 49254 or

the Leoni DPW office 8401 Page Ave Jackson Mi 49201 upon request.

water management

Leoni Township Hall

913 Fifth Street

Michigan Center, MI 49254

Office Hours

Monday thru

Thursday 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Wednesdays until 7:00PM

Closed Fridays



If you are trying to pay or inquire on your Tax. Assessing or Utilty bill click on the link above  (BS&A) ... any questions please call the Township - 517-764-4694

Dog Licenses:

All Dog licenses are issued through Jackson County starting in 2016/2017. For more in formation please
          call 517-788-4418.

What if I come to pay my bill and the office is closed?

            The township has a convenient drop box located in the rear of the building under the drive up window.

 If I pay my taxes the day after they are due will I have to pay a late fee?

            The answer is yes. Because taxes are mailed out 2 months ahead of time there is no grace period.

 Who do I call if I have a complaint about ordinance violations?

            You call our ordinance enforcement officer Chris Jacobson at 764-4694 ext. 294 and leave a message for him. This is a part time position.

 What do I have to do if I want to burn on the ground?

             Call 990-8277 for a Burning Permit - Leave Name and Address :
You must be at least 20 feet away from the street, 15 feet away from buildings, property lines and fence rows, must have a water source and continuously supervised, winds must be below 7 miles per hour and it must be out by 7 p.m.

 Campfires are allowed to burn until midnight


 Who can use the recycling bins?

            Anyone is welcome to use the recycling dumpster's 24 hours a day for free. All we ask is that you put the proper item in the proper bin.

 Do I need a building permit for a fence or a shed?

           Yes. You need to be able to show us with a drawing where on the property this item will be placed and the cost is minimal for the permit.

 What happens if I don’t mow my grass?

            The township has an ordinance that gets posted in the office and published in the newspaper that tells you when your grass is 12 inches or higher we will come in and mow it for you. You will in turn receive a bill that will go on the winter tax bill if it’s not paid by the due date.

 What if I want liquid dust control for my Private Road?

The township no longer contracts with the Jackson County Road Commission for dust control on County Roads. If you have a private road and wish to have liquid dust control you must contact the Jackson County Road Commission at 788-4230.